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  • Noncertified cleaning items:

    • We don't clean ​blood spills.

    • We don't not clean urine, feces, vomit.

    • We do not handle rodents of any kind.

    • We don't clean excessive moldy areas. 

    • We don't move furniture to clean areas.

    • We dust high spaces with high dusters we do not climb ladders for safety reasons.

  •  Poor Working Conditions - This refers to the property's conditions considered unsafe due to pest infestation, mold, rodent droppings, unstable flooring or roofing, and other conditions that pose life-threatening risks to our employees. Cleaning technicians will not work under these conditions.

  • Policy Statement

    • For cancellations or rescheduling of appointments, we request all clients to provide at least 24 hours' notice by phone or email. If possible, clients may reschedule their appointments upon canceling.

    • Should the client reschedule their appointment to a date that falls on a holiday or weekend, an additionalfee will be charged to the client to conform to our holiday and weekend service rates.

    • Failure to provide advance notice of cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of 33% of customers full total. Apart from the client's failure to provide notice, we reserve the right to charge the client cancellation fee for inaccessible Properties, lack of running water or electricity on-site, and Poor Working Conditions that threaten the health and safety of our crew.

    • Last-minute cancellations due to emergencies will be considered without penalty. Clients must communicate with our office before our cleaning crew arrives at the client's address.

    • Failure to respond to any of our communications prior to the cleaning appointment will automatically lead to its cancellation. Clients must be responsible for their appointment schedules and obligations.

  • Payments Accepted (Credit or Debit card must be on file prior to service and will be authorized)

    • Credit or Debit

    • Zelle

    • Square Payment

    • Square Invoice

    • Automatic Payment

    • Credit Cards

    • 45 minutes into each cleaning your card will be charged to ensure payment is available.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that our clients' plans may change, and they may need to cancel or reschedule their cleaning appointment. We ask that our clients provide us with at least 24 hours' notice if they need to cancel or reschedule their appointment. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee may apply.

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